Stepan Honc

Founding member of the band PerKelt, born in the Czech Republic, Stepan graduated from The Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Bratislava, Slovakia and graduated with honours at The Conservatory Pardubice, Czech Republic in Classical guitar playing and history of music. In 2002, Stepan won the Guitarreando classical guitar competition. Since 2008 Stepan has been putting all his time and effort into the PerKelt world as the composer,
arranger, and the leading dreamer.


Paya Lehane

Founding member and a lead composer of the band PerKelt, born in the Czech Republic, Paya was considered to be child prodigy recorder player since she was 4 years old. She has won many recorder competitions, following a methods of her teacher Jan Milde and graduated at the Academy of Music in Brno and the Conservatory Pardubice, Czech Republic in wind instruments and history of music. Previously, Paya has played with many Early Music ensembles and had attended the International Summer School of Early Music in Valtice regularly.
Also, she is a multitalented well of crativity and a shiningly bautiful centerpoint of the stage presence...


David Maurette

David came to London after many adventures all over the World, beating everything he could get his hands on, since his 15th birthday (including drum kit in a French heavy metal band). He joined PerKelt in 2015 with his set of african drums Dundun, Sangba and Kenkeni (and several cymbals, because that is necessary as well). Untaming his natural talent with every occassion, known as "the drummer that smiles", David became quickly a popular member of the band (both in the band and in the audience), increasing the sound to the level where PerKelt is not allowed to play smaller venues anymore...


Duncan Menzies

One could say that Duncan is technically just a cheaper and more funny version of a jukebox on random birthday parties. Another could say he is a savage beast from the country up in the cold North, where the natives still play bagpipes and eat frozen babies. Yet another would admit that he’s obtained PhD and he's just been interviewed for BBC about his electro-bagpipes projects, so he can’t be a bad person… They all would be absolutely right! But YOU get to know him as the laughing fiddle player, the only musician out there who matches the PerKelt craziness, Paya’s speed and Paya's height at the same time, and therefore he is allowed to play with us standing all the way up!

And we haven’t mentioned yet that he uses the INTENSITY pedal on stage to make his performance… yep, more INTENSE!!! One gets to love this guy in the way that bears no measure, no comparison and no publicity… 


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