“Those who like folk music should be in Paradise!”
Darren Hirst (Twilight Dawning, UK) 2011

“…they are energized in a way I haven’t heard before!”
Gerry Michaels (Medieval Archives, USA/UK) 2014

“PerKelt perform [with] a synergy unequalled in Celtic music.”
-John Hillman (Exposure Music Awards, UK) 2014

“…spectacular live shows and dropping jaws within the audience!”
Paul MacArthur (Celtic Radio, USA/Canada) 2014

“This is the ultimate form of a pagan folk extravaganza!”
Cliff de Booy (CeltCast, Netherlands) 2019

Latest release

Air and Fire

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Tour dates

  • 24/06/2021 – Paper Dress Vintage (London)
  • 26/07/2021 – Green Note (Camden, London, UK)
  • 5-8/08/2021 – CastleFest (NL)


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Emergency phone numbers:

Eva Arnold – manager (UK)

Stepan Honc – band (UK)